• MMS operates as an umbrella under which the various companies function successfully. In its role as a leader, MMS provides strength and support, clear vision, and exceptional management based on its methodology of providing complete autonomy to all its companies and subsideries.
  • The late Mansour Ibrahim Al-Mulla, Chairman and Managing Director of Mansour Al-Mulla & Sons was an entrepreneur and pioneer with unrivalled business acumen and expertise. His efforts in establishing the company’s leading position are highly commendable.,
    Established three decades ago, Mansour Almulla & Sons (MMS) today commands an active and growing presence in local, regional and international levels through its various divisions and in the fields of trading, services, construction management and joint ventures..
  • MMS believes that international relations are key to establishing immediate and future cooperation with reliable partners, and therefore has placed great emphasis on developing and establishing long term friendly business relations with many parties globally..

The Company is highly placed among its contemporaries and competitors both, in Kuwait and the Middle East. It also enjoys an excellent reputation, a high profile and prestigious family status in Kuwait’s business and political community.