Our Name

The Al Mulla Family

MMS operates as an umbrella under which the various companies function successfully. In its role as a leader, MMS provides strength and support, clear vision, and exceptional management based on its methodology of providing complete autonomy to all its companies and subsideries

MMS has carefully nurtured the sound heritage that was carefully instituted and established by its late founder, and is determined to build on past strengths to meet the challenges of the present and future. Armed with the realization that the company’s strengths are derived from its sound understanding of the culture, values, and extensive business practices, we diligently maintains its professionalism, honesty, and integrity, carrying forward these values as it steps into the future.


The Man behind the Success… Mansour Ibrahim Al-Mulla

The late Mansour Ibrahim Al-Mulla, Chairman and Managing Director of Mansour Al-Mulla & Sons was an entrepreneur and pioneer with unrivalled business acumen and expertise. His efforts in establishing the company’s leading position are highly commendable.

It is his leadership and passion to stay ahead in an ever increasing competitive market that is the driving force behind the company’s success.

Mansour Al-Mulla is a strong believer in building and cultivating customer relationships as well as in creating and offering superior quality products and services.

Towards this end, he has invested heavily in his people as well as in developing a product line that satisfies the needs of a wide variety of clients.